At Carlson Asset Management, we bring an added element of experience to the management of relief association funds. Bruce has been a trustee of his Fire Department Relief association for over 13 years. Currently serving as Treasurer, he is actively involved in staying current with changes in state laws and bylaws, as well as the unique procedures and rules which are encountered in administering a Fire Relief Association.

Bruce’s background as a firefighter means he knows the language, and can quickly go to work with your association officers. Bruce has firsthand experience in understanding fiduciary obligations and knows the challenges and opportunities in working with partner cities. Bruce is also very experienced in advising on actuaries and benefit levels, as well as constructing investment policy statements and reviewing by-laws. As an added benefit, Bruce also has experience working with the State Auditor’s Office.

Bruce understands that the goal is to balance a healthy fund with the desire to increase Fire Fighter benefits in a way that does not jeopardize the finances of partner cities. He knows the challenges you face and can help you balance these two key goals. Bruce realizes that firefighter recruitment and retention is on the top of every Fire Chiefs mind and he is a firm believer that a healthy Relief Association is key to hiring and retaining top talent.